Thirukurral Event 2021

Houston Chapter

Thirukural Game/ Volunteer 2021

Thirukkural Game 2021 Guidelines

  1. Participants must email the packet to the Thirukkural team at least 1 week in advance.
  2. Thirukkural games will be conducted online via Zoom.
  3. Participants will be issued a timeslot for their recital.
  4. Participants can recite any number of Thirukkural to showcase their talent.
  5. Thirukkural meaning can be recited in English or Tamil.
  6. All the participants receive certificates.
  7. Cash prize for Thirukkural only for Greater Houston participants.
  8. For every Thirukkural (with meaning) recited from memory, Greater Houston participants will receive $1. 
  9. The top five winner’s photographs will be displayed on the TNF website as headlines, and the remaining participant’s photos will also be displayed on the website, newspapers, and newsletters.
  10. The registration fee is nonrefundable.
  11. All final scores will be decided by the judges.  


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